The Suzuki Jimny is a mini SUV that can go to many places a large Land cruiser can’t go to. Easy to park drive in the city. Truly a budget off roader. Already proven it’s performance everywhere in the world including Cholistan & Gawadar dirt rallies.


Is it 4×4?

The Suzuki Jimny is a 4WD, a real 4WD. This is not an SUV or a crossover – it’s a 4WD. Suzuki Jimny sits on a strong ladder chassis, has excellent ground clearance, sharp approach and departure angles and, best of all, a two-speed transfer box to give you low-range gearing for ultra-tough offload conditions.


Does it go fast?

The Suzuki Jimny is not a fast car, but it’s really strong for a 1.3 Petrol 4×4. It’s a car you’ll never be worried to be fixing. Considering it’s tiny engine, it does exceptionally good, it is a car that has more strength than speed.

How’s the interior?

The interior is very basic but robust. Nothing’s going to fall off when the kids playing. You got only the basic functionality and on the fly 2wd to 4wd switch button and also a 4wd-L mode for lower ratios.

Is it fuel efficient?

Speaking of which, the 2019 Jimny comes as standard with a five-speed manual transmission and a part-time 4WD system for an NEDC-rated average fuel economy of 6.8 l/100 km (154 g/km CO2). … As for the automatic, it has also been redesigned to offer less friction and better fuel economy.

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