Ready to Purchase car

Buying a new car is indeed a mammoth task in the current scenario, owing to so many different reasons. The buyers are usually confused due to the extensive options and opinions, which makes them indecisive with their choice. The process of buying a new car is laborious but not daunting. So, in order to help the buyers, below is an ostentatiously crafted 10-step guide which, we expect, would eradicate confusions and help in selecting the best new car.

List your Requirements: First and foremost, an individual needs to chalk out a blueprint of the requirements that he/she desires in the new car. If you are a first time buyer, then you need to create a list of the stuff that you are willing to see in your new car. This is the most significant step of the new car buying process because if the requirements are drafted with utmost precision, then buying your dream car wouldn’t take much efforts. As this step lays the foundation for the forthcoming steps, you should be immensely careful with your requirements and put down everything, right from the ‘space’ in the car that you are looking for, to your average monthly driving range. Each and every minute detail should be noted to avoid any sort of confusion at the last moment.

2. Finalize your Budget: This is yet another tricky step in the process of buying a new car as it involves a lot of brain-storming due to the various lucrative deals on offer by the auto manufacturers. An individual should not just consider the on-road price of a car while making a decision but also keep in mind the monthly maintenance cost that he/she has to bear for the car. The daily running cost also plays an integral role in buying a new car because even if the car is cheaper in price but yields sky-high maintenance and running costs, then it is not advisable to opt for that particular car. Initially, you might be overwhelmed with joy but gradually as time passes, you would start disliking the car due to the aforementioned reason. So, better to study thoroughly about these things in advance rather than whining afterwards as after-all, it’s your hard earned money.

3. Research:  If you’re willing to sell your old car before you purchase a newer one, then OBV (Orange Book Value) is an astute platform to check its fair market price. It is fairly user-friendly and simple. It is the most trustworthy platform to get the fair market price quote of an old car before selling it in the market or exchanging it with a new car.

4. Approach a dealership: After finalization of everything, you can now search for a dealership and approach it to see the car in personal capacity. Always remember, there is a substantial difference between what you read and see online, and what you witness in person. So, approach a company authorized dealership and inquire about the product in detail. Ask everything to the sales personnel to be fully assured about the product, which you are going to own in near future. And, everything here means everything – ranging from the features, engine, gearbox, mileage, audio system, suspension, brakes etc. to name a few. You have to be fully clear and sorted about a car in your mind before purchasing it. So, with all guns blazing, stop for nothing until you get fully satisfied with the product.

5. Take a test drive: The car may look striking, the interiors might be opulent and even the features could be fascinating but you shouldn’t zero down on a car until you drive it personally. Yes, you must take the test drive of the car for a kilometer or two, depending upon your convenience, in order to get totally assured about its performance and drivablity. The engine, as evident, is the heart and soul of a car. And, performance and driving comfort are indispensable ingredients of a car which should be thoroughly tried and tested before you make any decision. So, test drive all the shortlisted cars of your list and then make a decision based on your driving experience.

6. Read Online Reviews: This step, though seems not that necessary once you have driven a car, could further help you in deciding for the best car. The online reviews are an amazing source of knowing deeply about a product and figure out the hidden issues, if any. The reviews unravel several things that you might have not noticed while driving the car or even the sales personnel was mum on them. The reviews are applicable on both the vehicle as well as the dealership. Some dealerships, reportedly, do not treat their customers well and there are also issues faced during servicing and aftermarket stuff. So, reviews do help an individual in selecting the best dealership as well as the product.

7. Consult Existing Owners: You should also consult your friends and relatives who own any of the cars that you have finalized so far. It would be really helpful for you as the existing owners would give impartial and unbiased advice regarding the car, irrespective of the fact that how good or bad it really performs. Their advice can be really valubale as they have owned the product and have gone through every phase. They can also suggest you the best suzuki Dealership to purchase it, based on their experience so far. You can also ask for other important things regarding the car in order to settle on one best car from the list.

8. Get a quote from dealership: Once you have finalized the perfect variant of a particular car for yourself, you can ask the company dealer to provide you a quote on the car via e-mail, phone or online inquiry form. Even you can visit the Suzuki Dealership in person and ask for the quote while understanding the whole thing. It doesn’t take long to fetch a quote for a particular model and it is the easiest step (pun-intended) in the whole process of buying a new car.

9. Query on Offers/Discounts: After getting the quote of on-road price of your chosen car, you must ask the Suzuki Dealer about the ongoing discounts and offers on that model. The auto manufacturers give, though not always, several offers and discounts on their products, some of which the dealers might not tell you about. So, what you can do is, either search online or persuade the dealer to disclose these to you. The offers and discounts can make real difference in the final price and might save you some good money.

10. Seal the Deal: If the final on-road price, after offers and discounts, appears good to you, then its the perfect stage to the seal the deal by purchasing the car. You can wrap-up the process by paying the upfront payment and sign on the dotted line while getting your car keys at the Suzuki Dealership.