Gs 150

The Suzuki GS-150 SE has gained a good stance in Pakistani market due to it’s reliable and strong engine and comfortable riding position for long journeys.


The Suzuki GS150 & GS150 SE has proven to be the perfect ride for Long or short tours, internet is full of countless adventure tours on Suzuki GS150. Whether there is snow or rain, desert or hills the Suzuki GS-150 will keep going. With all its faults, The bike is super fun. due to its weight, it runs smoother, quieter and without any engine vibrations. literally, driving it at 80-90 km/h feels like you are cruising at a comfortable 40 km/h because the superb shocks won’t let you feel the tiny bumps on the road at all.


Suzuki GS-150 2018

The main features in Suzuki GS-150 includes:

Suzuki gs150

  1. Powerful 150 cc engine.
  2. Superb Shock absorbers.
  3. Large fuel tank (12 litres).
  4. Mileage meter.
  5. Good road grip.
  6. Less engine vibration.
  7. Electric start.
  8. 5 Speed transmission.

Suzuki GS150 2018 price 147,000 PKR

Suzuki GS-150 SE 2018

The Suzuki GS-150 SE (Special edition) has some improvements with a price increase of 20,000 PKR:


  1. Improved front shocks.
  2. Front disc brakes.
  3. Increased rear tire width.
  4. Alloy rims.

Suzuki GS150 SE 2018 price 167,000 PKR


Suzuki GS150 touring

Meet Muhammad Ali who recently traveled 3000 kilometers on and off road on a Suzuki GS-150 motorcycle from Kashmor (Sindh) to Khunjerab Top (Hunza). Now can you believe that? The man just took a journey which was unimaginable few year back for the urban citizens due to unreliable motorcycles. Hats off to his passion for traveling and exploration.

Image result for zenith irfan gs 150

Zenith Irfan, a 21-year-old student from Lahore is doing much more than that. She’s on a journey to travel across the world on a motorbike. Zenith Irfan has the urge to travel across the distant regions of Pakistan alone on a motorcycle since her father wanted to travel the world but his dream wasn’t fulfilled due to his early demise. Zenith Irfan was willing to take the risks despite of being a female and she chose Suzuki GS-150 because of it’s reliable performance and durability to venture through harsh climates, long roads, and treacherous pathways on the mountains.

In a nutshell, Suzuki GS-150 has proven it’s metal as a reliable motorcycle not just in urban cities but also in almost every kind of grounds in Pakistan.