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Suzuki offers the best local assembled Suzuki bikes in Pakistan .Take a ride on any  suzuki 150 ,suzuki gs 150,suzuki 150 bike , suzuki gd110  to know the best motorcycle ride in your city. Get the Suzuki bikes reviews and Prices , latest offers ,  variants, specifications, pictures, mileage   by visiting our site .For Latest suzuki 150 price in pakistan and for the suzuki 110 price in pakistan kindly visit our sitePlans for zero mark for bike on installment in karachi, are also available .Meezan bank bike ijarah offers suzuki bikes on installment including suzuki 110cc bike in pakistan.


Suzuki goes an extra mile with great innovative moves in its bikes. Suzuki Sprinter Eco is the latest example of smart innovation by Suzuki engineers. Suzuki Sprinter Eco is an environmentally friendly bike with some decent features and performance capacity. A Polyurethane foam element is incorporated in Suzuki Sprinter Eco which makes the exhaust emissions environment-friendly in all conditions.

The 110cc Suzuki Sprinter Eco is well-known for its performance and durability. Even at high speeds, Suzuki Sprinter Eco does not make a buzz of vibration. The sturdy frame of Suzuki Sprinter Eco ensures an unbelievably smooth ride on all kinds of roads. Apart from a traditional shape and style, Suzuki Sprinter Eco has a budget friendly mileage.

SUZUKI GD110S – Suzuki bikes reviews and Prices

The brand name Suzuki multiplies the expectation level when attached to a two wheeler. The Suzuki GD 110s is an outcome of great efforts by Suzuki’s competent engineers.This bike looks very balanced and mature, not very sporty , yet I’d definitely rank it as the sturdiest bike in the market in terms of build-quality. There are absolutely no creaks or cheaply manufactured parts on the bike, and Suzuki demands a higher price just because of that.

The fuel economy is very good, I’m getting exactly 50km/L in Islamabad which is hilly so I’d expect it to be better in flat areas like Karachi or Multan. The fuel tank is 9L (with around 2.5L in reserve) and it goes exactly 450km on one full fill.

Riding quality is excellent, and the bike handles very well and is generally stable. The breaks are good.. What surprised me was the level of comfort this bike provides, for the driver as well as the passenger. The seat is roomy and is generally very good for long drives and for those who have to ride with ladies.

The bike is priced well above the competition but this is probably the bike which will survive the longest if maintained properly.For Suzuki 110 price in pakistan

 GR-150 – Suzuki bikes reviews and Prices

Suzuki GR 150 was launched into the Pakistan market owing to high sales in 150 cc segment Suzuki GR 150 2018 comes with the 150cc 4 stroke air cooled OHC engine. Suzuki GR 150 comes with an additional RPM speedometer to provide sporty look to maintain high end  charisma of the bike Suzuki GR 150.

 GS-150 /  suzuki 150

Suzuki GS 150 is a popular 150cc bike on the roads. Suzuki GS 150 is said to be an accomplished bike for some reasons.Suzuki GS 150 and GS 150 SE are two bikes of Pak Suzuki. Apparently, there is no bigger difference between Suzuki GS 150 and Suzuki GS 150 SE. Both are having a powerful engine and features of being four-stroke, 150cc, full stroke, air cooled engine with electric and decompress kick for a safe and comfortable start. Both bikes have self-start system, headlight cowling, and aluminum alloy wheels. The difference is only in price, and the other fact is that GS 150 SE is the upgraded version of Suzuki GS 150.

GS 150 and GS 150 SE are the name of ultimate power with five-speed and electric start. Both bikes are known for their power, style, speed, and durability. All these features and functions made this one of the best and perfect 150cc motorbikes in Pakistan. Due to their powerful engine, comfortable seats, and stylish graphics, both are simply a masterpiece.


GS 150
Suzuki bikes reviews and  Prices

GS-150 SE

Suzuki bikes reviews and  Prices

In Pakistan Pak-Suzuki has introduced an upgraded version of Suzuki GS150 SE motorcycle. For suzuki 150 price in pakistan

The New model has following features:

  1. New front disc brake New Graphics
  2. New front fender
  3. Alloy Rims
  4. New Front shock absorber
  5. New Rear Tire

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Suzuki bikes reviews and  Prices
suzuki 110 price in pakistan
suzuki gd110
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Pak Suzuki has launched its all in one heavy bike Suzuki GSX-R600cc 2018 in Pakistan. The 2018 GSX-R600 is the name of a stylish and aerodynamic body shape vehicle machine that is equipped with dashing and luxurious features. The exterior of the bike is worth to watch, and inner parts are also made of the state of the art technology.

Suzuki 600cc is installed with a lightweight chassis featuring a compact wheelbase and race-developed suspension. It is the top performer in its class because it contains a compact, powerful 4-cylinder engine delivering a real-world demonstration of the advanced race-proven technology. GSX-R 600cc is designed to be the top performer in its class and a total package designed to own the racetrack.

Suzuki bikes reviews and  Prices
suzuki 110 price in pakistan
suzuki gd110
meezan bank bike ijarah
bike on installment

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