The all-new Suzuki Alto is growing up to add pace in your life. From economy to aesthetics and from spaciousness to technology, the new model gives you everything in one car, so that you’re in control of your life. The all-new alto offers an exuberant experience for the young generation and also for those who are young at heart.

Suzuki alto 660 cc R06A fuel efficiency optimal power engine Car. 

With improved maneuverability, fuel efficiency, optimal power to weight ratio and a spacious body, the all-new alto has been designed as an excellent hatchback car offering its young audience enhanced performance, quality, and reliability.

Suzuki Alto AGS

Suzuki Alto AGS
Suzuki Alto AGS

The Suzuki Alto vxl Ags are equipped with power steering, Power windows, ABS/EBD system, 660cc R06A series Engine, and locally developed Automatic transmission. However, the best feature in Alto AGS Car is that it is designed to have less fuel consumption as it will run 25/kilometers per liter in the highway and 22/kilometers per liter in the city.

Suzuki Alto VXR

Suzuki Alto Front
Suzuki Alto Back

The Alto vxr equipped with power steering, Air conditioner,  660cc R series Engine, and locally developed manual transmission. However, the best feature in Alto Car is that it is designed to have less fuel consumption as it will run 25 kilometers per liter in the highway and 22 kilometers per liter in the city.

Suzuki Alto VX

Suzuki Alto vxr Front
Suzuki Alto Back

The Alto vx equipped with power steering, 660cc R series Engine, heater, fan, and locally developed manual transmission. However, the best feature in Alto Car is that it is designed to have less fuel consumption as it will run 25 kilometers per liter in the highway and 22 kilometers per liter in the city.

A Car Making Its Mark

Suzuki Alto A Car Making Its Mark
A Car Making Its Mark

The new alto is the perfect blend of form and function. Whether you’re looking for convenience or liveliness, this car has everything for you. All the lines and panels, the front mask and the interior are stylishly set while the headlamps in a bold design instantly grab your attention.

Proportions To Drive For:

Suzuki Alto Proportions To Drive For
Proportions To Drive For

The aerodynamic design with a unique line and curves give the car a young and vibrant look. the design of all panels. the wheelbase and the cabin will certainly please your senses. The aesthetically designed door panels accentuate the richness of the sharp design as well as give the car a lively appearance.

Enhanced Comfort and Convenience

The Alto is a highly efficient performance car that makes your daily shopping and outings a pleasant experience. Spacious cabin and storage accessories of the new model ensure complete comfort for you and your family.

Refined Fuel Efficiency To Go With Everyday Life:

Suzuki Alto Refined Fuel Efficiency
Refined Fuel Efficiency

With the improved R series Engine (R06A Type), high power to weight ratio increased strength and the aerodynamic shape, the alto is a highly reliable and fuel-efficient hatchback vehicle.


Rear Upper Spoiler

Suzuki Alto Rear Upper Spoiler
Rear Upper Spoiler

More than an accessory for outlook, the rear upper spoiler enhances the airflow over the vehicle.

Steering Wheel Cover

Suzuki Alto Steering Wheel Cover
Steering Wheel Cover

The exquisite seat covers of the alto 660cc give the interior an elegant feel. the colors of the seat perfectly harmonize with other aspects of the vehicle.

Spare Tyre Kit

Suzuki Alto Spare Tyre Kit
Spare Tyre Kit

your spare tire kits are set to assist you whenever you need to replace the wheel of the vehicle.

The R Series Engine

Suzuki Alto R series Engine
R series Engine

The alto has a 660cc three-cylinder petrol engine know as the R06A. Whether you’re driving through streets full of traffic or cruising up the highway, this highly efficient engine provides you with the power, reliability, fuel economy and control you need.
The innovative transmission system minimizes torque loss, providing smooth transition and acceleration through all of its five gears. the setting of the clutch and ECU/ECM optimizes the control operation of the engine’s working and contributes to better fuel efficiency.

Storage Space

Suzuki Alto Storage Space
Storage Space

The alto offers sufficient storage space with additional console drink holders that are a part of the standard offering.

Luggage Under Box

Luggage Under Box
Luggage Under Box

The lamps are located in the rear bumper just below the back door. The back door opens leaving maximum width allowing ease of loading and unloading. Luggage under box offers storage space for umbrellas and other objects.

Media Player with Touch Screen

Media Player with Touch Screen
Media Player with Touch Screen

The dashboard panel has an integrated media player with a touch screen that you can conveniently use while driving. It has a screen mirroring option, Bluetooth calling auxiliary cable and USB support functions.

SRS Airbags

SRS Airbags
SRS Airbags

When the sensor detects more than a certain impact, the airbag is instantly deployed. Together with the effects of the seat belt, it reduces the impact on the head and chest of front occupants.

  • Since the SRS airbag system is a device to assist the seat belt, be sure to wear a seat belt.
  • Be sure to read the instruction manual carefully as there is an item to be noted.

Seat Belt

Seat Belt
Seat Belt

The seat belt on the front seat is equipped with a mechanism that pulls the belt instantaneously to restrain the body firmly in the event of a collision. In addition, a variable force limiter mechanism is also present.


Immobilizer key
Immobilizer key

When the immobilizer engine is started, the ID code on the portable remote control side and the vehicle side is electronically authenticated. The engine will not start if there is no match and the immobilizer will effectively suppress vehicle theft.

ABS with EBD

Suzuki Alto ABS with EBD
ABS with EBD

During sudden braking on slippery surfaces, four-wheel ABS is active. It prevents tire locks, stabilizes the car body, and helps handle obstacles by steering. Furthermore, it is equipped with an EBD ( Electronically Controlled Braking force Distribution System) that automatically helps maintain control by sending the optimum amount of force to the front and rear wheel.

ABS = Anti-lock Brake System.

EBD = Electronic Brakeforce Distribution ER Impact Mitigation Structure.

Security Alarm System

Security Alarm System
Security Alarm System

When the security alarm system is activated and the door is unlocked by an operation other than the request switch or keyless entry, a hazard theft alarm and a horn alert you.

Suzuki Alto Specification

Suzuki Alto Engine

ENGINE POWER 29 hp @ 6500 RPM
TORQUE 56 Nm @ 4000 RPM
FUEL SYSTEM Fuel Injection

Suzuki Alto Performance


Suzuki Alto VXR Transmission

TYPE Manual

Suzuki Alto AGS Transmission

TYPE Automatic

Suzuki Alto Fuel Economy


Suzuki Alto Capacity


Suzuki Alto Steering


Suzuki Alto Wheel and Tyres

Tires Tubeless
WHEEL SIZE 145/80/R13
PCD 4 x 100 mm
WHEEL TYPE Steel Rims with Wheels Caps


FRONT MacPherson strut with coil spring
REAR Torsion beam with coil spring


FRONT Solid Discs
REAR Drum, leading & trailing


BOOT SPACE 125 litres / 446 litres
KERB WEIGHT 650 / 670
NO OF DOORS 4 door
WHEEL BASE 2,460mm

Available in Colours


Frequently Asked Questions


What is alto?

All-New Suzuki Alto is a Pakistani manufacture 660cc compact kie car with fuel efficiency and all required features.
The all-new Alto tops off all your aspirations offering space, comfort and unmatched fuel efficiency.
Go for the all New Alto – It’s worth the wait! 

How much is a warranty?

Alto warranty is 3 years or 60,000 km, whichever comes first.

What is included in the Alto warranty?

Alto warranty covers Engine warranty, suspension warranty, and electric parts warranty.

What is the R-Series engine?

R-Series engine is a modern technological engine with high fuel efficiency, weight reduction, and best compression ratio.

What is the difference between Pakistan Alto and imported JDM cars?

Locally made Alto is equipped with Zero meter R-series engine, 3 years or 60,000 km warranty, good ground clearance and nationwide dealership network for availability of parts and other after-sales services while on other side imported vehicles have unsure history with tampered mileage, non-reliable auction sheet, unavailability of parts with high price and lower ground clearance.

What are the features of VX?

VX is offered with power steering, R-Series fuel-efficient engine, Heater and Fan.

How can I book Alto?

Alto booking can be done via Suzuki Authorized dealerships or by visiting booking offices or by logging on Make A Booking.

How many variants are available in alto?

Alto has 3 variants VX, VXR, and VXL.

What are the differences between invariants?

VX: Non-A/c with an entertainment system
VXR: A/C and dual Airbags
VXL: Auto Gear Shift, A/C, Anti-lock Brake System, Dual Airbags, Power windows, power mirrors, Retractable mirrors, Touch screen infotainment system and dual-tone interior color.

What is common in all three variants?

Power Steering, R- Series engine, Exterior, and fuel efficiency.

What is the Auto gear shift (AGS)?

Auto Gear Shift is a type of manual gear shift which automatically changes gear ratios, it provides more fuel efficiency and also able to drive with dual ways either automatically or manually dependence on the user’s choice.

What are the features of a touch screen infotainment system?

The touch screen infotainment system is equipped with Screen mirroring function, Bluetooth, AUX, USB, FM, Radio, Photo viewer, Bluetooth calling and time display with dates.

What are the features of VXR?

VXR is offered with Power steering, A/C, Heater, Fan, excellent interior/exterior design, 4 cup holders and dual Airbags.

What are the features of VXL?

VXL is offered with Auto gear shift, Footrest, A/C, Dual-tone interior color, ABS brakes, Touch screen infotainment system, power windows, power steering, 4 seat belts, 4 cup holders, power mirrors and retractable mirrors. 

Suzuki Nadeem International has organized a test drive facility for the new Alto 2019. Visit us to avail a test drive of your new Alto 2019. You can also book your Alto at the dealership.

Suzuki Alto Warranty:

Pak Suzuki is providing a warranty for 3 years. If 60000km is done then the warranty ends or then 3 years is complete then the warranty ends. which will come first.

Rush to the Suzuki authorized dealerships to book your all-new alto 660cc at PKR 500,000 and avail:
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