Suzuki Cultus is known by too many different names all around the world. Suzuki Cultus 2002 – 2015 is one of the most popular cars in Pakistan by Suzuki. The car has a solid construction and practical looks and basic features like Air conditioning. It also has a decent capacity for luggage making it a decent everyday car.

The Interior:

The interior of Suzuki Cultus is very old school. Looks like old 90’s car. Totally basic, nothing fancy. Outdated music player with FM radio. Seats are a bit uncomfortable for long run. You will get the manual window controls. But central locking can be installed and is available in the market or at any Suzuki Showroom accessory shops in any dealership.

The Exterior:

The exterior of Suzuki Cultus is very solid. The design is aerodynamically optimized giving it lower drag and good down force for better grip. Unfortunately the car weighs more than it can handle.

The Boot:

If you don’t intend to use CNG (compressed Natural Gas) kit with your Suzuki Cultus and you like keeping your engine clean by using petrol then you will have space for at least 2 big suitcases in the rear since this is a Hatchback with a big rear door, you can easily put luggage in through it.

The EFI version:

The Suzuki Cultus 2008 got the EFI version introduced for better fuel economy since this model is mostly used for day to day office and family travelling so if you’re looking for better fuel economy you can find an EFI version in the market as well.

Good fit for a family. Good for short tours. Suzuki Cultus has a reasonable mileage.

The Price:

The price range of Suzuki Cultus variants are as follow:

Suzuki Cultus 2015 price: PKR 1,060,000 (Average)
Suzuki Cultus 2014 price: PKR 1,010,000 (Average)
Suzuki Cultus 2013 price: PKR 1,050,000 (Average)
Suzuki Cultus 2012 price: PKR 1,000,000 (Average)

Is Suzuki Cultus for sale right now?

Yes ! you can still buy this car from your local Suzuki Dealers or buy Suzuki Certified

Cultus from Suzuki Nadeem international

OR find the latest Model with totally new design and updated features like automatic transmission here Suzuki Cultus 2017

PROS: Good interior space, Fits 5 persons easily, Solid Body.

CONS: Retro Looks, No power windows, Everything Analogue.

THE BOTTOM LINE: A Budget family car with affordable maintenance, Suzuki Cultus is good for everyday family travel.

Suzuki Cultus 2002