Today we are going to talk about Local Cars Vs Imported Cars. In Pakistan, the Automotive industry is growing fast many of the brands produced their cars in Pakistan. If we talk about the quality of local cars and imported cars as we know that imported cars demand high just because of the quality of imported cars. Imported cars are highly demanded in the market just because of quality. Local assemble cars are not as good as compare to imported cars as a quality.

Local Assemble Cars

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If you buy a good quality car then keep in your mind to invest your hard money on it because otherwise, you can buy a car but not a good quality car Pakistan is also manufacturing cars in the country but as compare to imported cars the quality of local cars is down. Because we are very slow and down to produced cars according to the market demand. In our daily life vehicle is very important just because of this the demand for the vehicle in the market increased every day.

But if we are looking at the price of local cars are less than compared to imported cars. The customs duty of imported cars is very high and increase with the rate of the dollar. The price of local cars is low and the basic purpose to produce local cars is to meet the demand of the market and fulfill the need of the vehicle according to the price demand of the public. Nowadays the production of local cars in the country is increasing because of the import of cars are not open by the government.

The government makes some stick policies and now it’s not easy to import cars and dealers can’t import cars and this is the big reason to increase the production of local cars. The sales of Pakistan cars are increased but the demand for imported cars in the market is not down the people who want to buy a good vehicle they still required importing cars.

Impact of local cars

Locals cars sales are not high in our country just because of their cheap quality. Pakistani manufacturer car’s sales are not high because we have not enough quality machines as compared to imported vehicle machines. Pakistani government generates a high amount of profit from local cars because the local car’s price is low rather than the imported vehicle.

Impact of imported

The imported vehicle is highly affected by the sale of Paksuzuki cars just because of its high quality. To buy a vehicle means to spend a high amount of your income on it and it’s not easy everyone wants a good quality if he or she spends a high amount as it is most of the people want to invest a high amount to purchase the imported vehicle as comparing they spend money on local cheap vehicle.

Local vs Imported Cars

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