Pak Suzuki Motor Company has just updated their car prices on 1st June 2018.

New Prices are as follows:

Mehran VX        Rs.739,000

Mehran VXR        Rs.795,000

Suzuki Ravi        Rs.756,000

Suzuki Bolan        Rs.814,000

Cargo Van        Rs.780,000

WagonR VXL        Rs.1,194,000

WagonR VXR        Rs.1,104,000

Cultus VXR        Rs.1,300,000

Cultus VXL        Rs.1,421,000

Swift MT        Rs.1,435,000

Swift AT        Rs.1,571,000

Meanwhile, the local automakers also argued that not all parts of the cars are manufactured locally. So the automakers are forced to import parts from foreign vendors. Furthermore devaluation of the rupee has now made imports expensive.