Suzuki Ciaz Automatic

The new suzuki Ciaz automatic  is made for those who are driven to excel. It is developed as an “authentic sedan” which combines a roomy comfortable cabin and a great driving performance with excellent fuel efficiency. All of this comes with a stylish design that will inspire pride of ownership.

Let’s take you into a detailed review of Suzuki Ciaz Automatic.

Suzuki Ciaz Automatic Interior:

Suzuki Ciaz sports a flawless interior, Chromed Air conditioner vents seem classy, We also notice a matched metallic trim in dashboard that goes all the way to the doors, The overall feel of this car is similar to Suzuki Vitara, fuel average, car range, analogue climate control, effective AC
throw, We had front cup holders, charging dock along with some storage space, Impressive head/leg room. We have A/C vents in the rear as well along with the charging dock, Pretty convenient.

The Overall cabin feel is very luxurious. There was minimal outside noise in the cabin and all black and sophisticated interior feels classy.

Suzuki Ciaz Body:


The physical appearance of this car is kind of sporty, The rear lights are similar to Audi 3 series. It’s actually really good to have a family sedan with sporty looks. In addition to that the Suzuki Ciaz has  comparatively reduced cabin noise than similar range cars like Corolla & City.
moderate clearance



Ciaz has 15 inch rims installed, along with the Bridgstone tires. We also get Suzuki logo engraved wheel caps with it. Which is a nice touch.

Suzuki Ciaz Automatic Transmission:

The found the transmission on Ciaz very smooth. There is an overdrive button too. If you don’t know what an overdrive button does then no problem. An overdrive button reduces engines rpm to reduce the load on the engine when we just want to cruise on highways. It’s a cool feature to have on Suzuki Ciaz.

Suzuki Ciaz Automatic Safety:


Suzuki Ciaz Automatic has all the basic safety features any family car should have. It has ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) brakes which is good. The ABS improves overall ride quality at twist and turns. Dual Airbags are a big plus to have because nothing is more important than your life obviously.

Suzuki Ciaz Automatic Suspension:


The suspensions are specially tuned for comfort. We have tested this car on common speed breakers in Karachi and found them satisfactory. The ride was very comfy in the city travel.

Suzuki Ciaz Automatic Engine:


K14B 1.4-litre VVT 4-Cylinder engine is noticeably more responsive than other cars in this league. The performance was pretty smooth because of the Multi-point fuel injection system. Also the engine is fuel efficient too.

Suzuki Ciaz Automatic Mileage:

K14B 1.4-litre VVT engine is capable of producing 13 km/l city as tested by Pakwheels experts. Making Suzuki Ciaz mileage decent. Which could be much more if we had better air quality in our cities.

Suzuki Ciaz Trunk Capacity:


This car has a huge 495 liters of trunk capacity. The trunk capacity is also more than it’s local rivals. Can easily fit in 2 large suit cases and some handbags.