Suzuki exchange program provides the most convenient way to upgrade from your old car to a New Suzuki by just paying the difference. Whereas, you can also exchange your old car from Suzuki certified used car.

Bring your old car to any Suzuki 7s dealership and avail this best offer by Pak Suzuki.

  • Best price for your used car.
  • Priority delivery in exchange.
  • Exchange opportunity with Suzuki new / certified used the car by just paying the difference.

Top 10 Reasons To Suzuki Exchange

  1. Evaluation on 130 checkpoints.
  2. Best price for your used car.
  3. Your car is in safe hands.
  4. Priority delivery in exchange.
  5. Exchange opportunity with Suzuki new/ certified used the car by just paying the difference.
  6. Proper transfer of documents (your used car sold only after transfer of documents).
  7. Immediate payment.
  8. No Hidden charges.
  9. No middlemen, no commission.
  10. Fair and transparent deals at Suzuki Authorized dealerships.

Under One Roof

Suzuki Nadeem International CEO was all praises for this collaboration. He said, “Our PakSuzuki Exchange Program provides our customers with a quick and convenient way of upgrading their Suzuki car by trading in their old one for a new car. This program is one of many ways of selling a car through Suzuki 7s Dealership. For many of our customers, our Suzuki Exchange Program is seen as a quick hassle-free option since, they can have their used car inspected, priced, and sold under one roof and also drive away with a new Suzuki car by paying only the difference.

Our Aim

Our aim is to facilitate automotive users with a complete solution under one roof. Suzuki is proud to be the first OEM in Pakistan to partner with experts for a car exchange program to address the concern of resale value. Through the Suzuki Exchange Program powered by Pak Suzuki, our customers can seamlessly trade in their used car for a brand new car. At Suzuki 7s Dealership, we are continuously driving Pakistan’s automotive industry forward through innovation, and playing our role as the leading automotive manufacturer by producing technologically advanced and high-quality vehicles at an affordable price point for the young and growing middle class of Pakistan”