Suzuki Genuine Parts


Suzuki offers its Customers an extensive & competent counseling on Spare Parts. We have auto parts professionals in our team that posses expert knowledge and are able to provide reliable information about cars to our customers.
Even through the variety of products offered at our website is really wide, you won’t face any problem finding the exact matching spare parts of your vehicles you are looking for in no time.


Real Suzuki is Made from!

Every Suzuki vehicle is composed of 20,000 to 30,000 genuine parts. They have the optimal design and specifications tailored for the specific vehicle type and model. Every part has passed Suzuki’s rigorous test standards for performance, quality, durability, safety, and comfort.

We recommend that you choose Suzuki genuine parts when you need to repair your vehicle or replace consumable parts such as brake pads, air filters, etc. Each genuine part is the perfect match for your Suzuki vehicle.

By choosing Suzuki genuine parts and service, you can maintain your Suzuki in top condition at all times.


  1. They are designed and fully tested by Suzuki (We do not conduct any testing on non-genuine parts.)
  2. They meet rigorous levels of standards for performance, quality, durability, set by Suzuki.
  3. They are used when Suzuki vehicles are manufactured at the Suzuki factories.
  4. They are available at all authorized 7S Suzuki dealer, which offer Suzuki Genuine Parts and Service.