Suzuki Labor Rates

 GENERAL SERVICE(Amount in Pak Rupees)
1Service, Engine Oil & Oil Filter Change700700700
2Compound Polishing350035003500
4Only Oil & Oil Filter Change200200200
5Wax Polish100010001000
6  1,000 Km Inspection100010001000
7  5,000 Km Maintenance100010001000
810,000 Km Maintenance225024752475
915,000 Km Maintenance198022552255
1020,000 Km Maintenance242026952695
1125,000 Km Maintenance198022552255
1230,000 Km Maintenance275030253025
1335,000 Km Maintenance242026952695
1440,000 Km Maintenance330036303960
 Suzuki Labor Rates of Engine   
15Engine Tune-up (Electronic)80011001100
16Timing Belt Replacement150020002500
17Engine Overhaul Petrol800080009500
18Engine Foundation Replace (each)500800800
19Carburator Removing And Re-Fitting800800—–
20Engine Head Gasket Replaced350040004500
21Fan Belt Replace300350700
22Idler Pulley Bearing Replace350500500
23A/C Fan Belt Replace300350700
24Throttle Body Service120012001500
 Suzuki Labor Rates of Transmission System TRANSMISSION SYSTEM   
25Gear Box Overhaul (Manual)400040004600
26Gear Lever Bush Replace650750—–
27Fuel Pump Mechanical Std. Replace450—–—–
28Electrical Fuel Pump Replace120015001600
29Fuel tank Cleaning120015001800
30Water Pump Replace165017502000
31Radiator Coolant250250300
32Clutch Overhaul (Frt. Wheel Drive)250030003500
33Clutch Cable Replace500500700
34FlyWheel Facing (Lath Machine)100012001500
35Differential Pinion Oil Seal Replace (Rear Wheel)350045005000
36CV Joint Replacement (Frt. W/D)9009001100
37Frt. Axle Boot Replace9009001100
38Frt. Wheel Bearing Replace600800800
39Rear Wheel Drive Bearing400500600
40Differential Overhaul4000—–4500
41Brake Servicing Clean & Adjust80010001000
42Brake Overhaul120012001700
43Master Cylinder Replacement / Overhaul100010001500
44Drum Facing100012001200
45Disc Facing150015001500
46Hand Brake Cable350750950
47Steering Rack & Pinion Overhaul (Manual)150020001700
48Power Steering Overhaul____35004500
49Steering Box overhaul1500———–
50Steering Boot Replace700800/15001500
51Frt. Suspension Overhaul280035004500
52Tie Rod ends Replace100014001800
53Frt. Shocks Absorber Replace8008001100
54Frt. Coil Spring Replace8008001100
55Rear Suspension Bushes Replacement100012001500
56Rear Shocks Absorber Replace6008001000
57Wheel Alignment120015001500
58Tyre Balance/Per Wheel200250300
59Centre Bush Replace750—–—-
60Self Starter Service800800800
61Alternator Service800950950
62Combination Switch Replace75010001250
63Speedometer Remove, Repair & Refitting80010001250
64Speedometer Cable Removing & Refitting550550600
65Wiper Motor Service100012001400
66Door Lock Elec. Repair (each)120014001700
67Horn Replace200200200
68Head Light Sealed Beam Replace or Adjustment550550650
69Cooling Fan Motor Replace700700850
70Fuel Gauge / Temp Gauge Replace700700850
71Battery Recharge200200200
72DashBoard Remove & Refitting150018002500
73Complete Wiring Repair250030003500
74Fan Motor Repair & Replace650650750
75Gas Charging (R-134)300035004500
76A.C Compressor Servicing & Flushing180018001800
77A.C Compressor Assy. Fixing120012002500
78A.C Condenser Flushing / Replacement Without Gas8008001000
79Radiator Remove & Install85011001300
80Radiator Hose Top or Bottom250250300
81Hose Pipe Flange Replacement600400500

Suzuki Labor Rates rate in Pakistan