Suzuki Price Updates

The revised retail prices of Suzuki Alto & Vitara w.e.f 1st August 2019 may be noted as:

S.ModelOld retail prices
exclusive of
advanced income tax
New retail prices
exclusive of advance
income tax 1st August 2019
1.Alto VX999,000136,0001,135,000
2.Alto VXR1,101,000137,0001,238,000
3.Alto VXL AGS1,295,000138,0001,433,000
4.Vitara GLX4,295,000695,0004,990,000

Customers who have not submitted balance payment within the tentative delivery time and all partial payment bookings are abiding to pay the balance payment on the new retail prices.

When the rupee devalues, the cost of production for local automakers also increases because they import some of their parts and pay for these raw materials in dollars. As a result, these automakers pass the impact of rupee depreciation on to the consumer in the form of the price increase. 

The rupee has appreciated more than 30% against the dollar since December 2017 when it was trading at Rs105. A dollar is now worth Rs139. As the dollar became more expensive, all automakers operating in Pakistan increased their prices. 

According to the new price list, effective from 1st August 2019, all variants of Suzuki Car will be more expensive.

Suzuki Price Updates